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Sustainable Roofing Design

- What does sustainable design mean? - Learn about green-roofing, different types and the benefits of these systems. - Learn about reflective coatings/membranes and why they are used in building design. - Understand photovoltaic technology and how it can benefit the environment and the building owner financially. - Learn about recycled content in manufacturing and water harvesting.

Liquid Roofing Using Polyurethane Technology

- The history behind polyurethanes - Learn about the history of polyurethane technology and how it was developed - Learn about the benefits of using a liquid waterproofing systems - Understand typical product certification, warranties and approvals - Learn how using a liquid waterproofing can offer solutions to problems you may not of thought possible

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems – Design Considerations & Specification

• Understanding typical metal roofing systems • What is Standing Seam Metal Roofing? • Typical constructions and material choices • Applications and basic requirements • System benefits of Standing Seam • Flexibility of design and building regulations

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